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Simplifying Online Exams

TestYou is one of the most effective and powerful examination tools built efficiently by TechInfini. A thorough research and technical expertise has been translated into creation of this online test creator. With TestYou you can create or conduct online test with precision and remarkably high testing standards. TestYou has every fine nuisance that is required to create those hi-quality tests. TestYou is very useful for schools, colleges, universities, teachers and professors for managing question papers and examinations. Recruiters and HR managers can use it for candidate's skills evaluation by conducting online test.

Benefits of TestYou

Password Protected Tests

We understand how important confidentially matters for you, so all test you create or conduct are password protected. Only people who have access can give test. You can also create test for public if do not set any password.

Virtual Discussion

After successful completion of test, candidates can put comments, feedback, queries regarding test, which can be notified to you with test results. You can also reply them back from your account.

Publish Tests

You can also publish your test for all user means publicly.

Time Keeping

Want to restrict people to give test at odd times? Bingo! With “Time Flexibility” feature choose your own Date, Time and Hours for conducting test.

Negative Marking

Want to prevent people from to give test as a guessing game? Use this feature to enable negative marking for choosing each wrong option in your test.

Import Test

e understand how tedious and time consuming is to create test paper, when you have lots of questions. Use “Import Test” feature to upload test through excel sheet.

Create Exclusive Groups

User can create different groups through his account to assign different test to each group, E.g. A HR manager can make one group for one designation while another group for other designation. Same can be done by Examiner to make different group for different section or classes of students.

Resume Incomplete Test

This is one of exclusive feature of TestYou, where in student can resume his incomplete test. If due to Power off, Browser crash and other technical glitches student do not able to submit the test, with this feature enabled, candidate can resume his test from where he left it out, with remaining time and questions.

Email Notification

Get real time update of test results through enabling this feature, whenever a candidate completes his test, an automated email notification will be sent to you on registered Email with his/her scoreboard.

Control Result Output

Examiner can control format of results in various type such as Marks, Percentage and Percentile. Also there is option of “to show result to student” or Email results to students enable/disable this as per your will.

Multiple Format Test

You can create test in various formats like “Fill in the blanks”, “True/False” “Objective with multiple options” and “Subjective”.

Reattempt Limitation

You have access to control number reattempt can be done by a candidate. Enabling this feature you can choose from option like – Once only, Infinite or Every hour etc.

Social Media Sharing

Share your test online on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc.


Apart from above listed features TestYou provides various miscellaneous features for Examiner such Number of questions per page, Allow back button and many more.

Import contacts from Gmail

Import contacts from your Gmail account to allow access to your exclusive contact list to attempt test.

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