Migration Services for Odoo 17

As an accredited Odoo Silver Partner and Odoo Development Firm, Webkul provides a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing migration. Our offerings enable effortless migration to Odoo, regardless of whether you're already utilizing Odoo or considering adopting it for the first time.

Types of Odoo Migration

In Odoo migration services, there are two distinct types available, each catering to different data migration needs.


Static Migration

Static migration involves transferring static data, which refers to data that does not rely on other data for context. Examples include customer information, catalog data such as products, attributes, and categories.


Dynamic Migration

Dynamic migration encompasses the migration of both static and dynamic data to Odoo. Dynamic data includes information related to relation fields, such as invoices, orders, bills, accounting records, and inventory data.

Odoo Migration Procedure

The Odoo migration process begins with a thorough analysis and planning phase, outlining the steps required to migrate your database to Odoo.


Preparation and Testing

To prevent disruptions, the entire process is initially executed in a Quality Control (QC) database or test database before migrating to the client's original database. This approach facilitates testing and allows for timely error rectification, minimizing downtime.


Module Migration

The first step involves migrating all modules to Odoo, ensuring compatibility and functionality within the new environment.


Data Migration

Subsequently, data migration takes place, with the type (static or dynamic) determined by the client's specific requirements. Data is initially transferred to the test database for thorough testing and quality checks before being moved to the client's database.


Testing and Quality Assurance

Comprehensive testing, including smoke testing and scenario testing, is conducted to identify and address any potential issues. Quality checks in the developer database ensure that data flow aligns properly with the Odoo version.


Deployment to Client's Database

Once migration and quality checks are successfully completed in the QC database and all necessary validations are in place, the migration process is finalized by moving everything to the client's live Odoo database.

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