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Techinfini takes pride in creating innovative products for the future world, but at the same time it beautifully endorses the current needs of its every customer. Right from giving out an ultimate WordPress theme and plugin destination – SketchThemes to creating a dedicated online exam partner – TestYou, Techinfini has tagged firsts to its credit. We keep striving hard to deliver the unique and the best, when it comes to developing technological advancements in WordPress themes and plugins or bringing out our every innovation in practicability. Besides keeping up with the ultimate technology, business and SEO development mechanism, Techinfini has two genuine outings in the form of innovative products


A wonderful destination of clean, creative and responsive premium WordPress themes and plugins, SketchThemes also offers free WordPress themes.


The next big thing in online exam domain where you can create, conduct online tests, gauge the performance and keep everything about exam in right order.

  • Sketch Themes


    SketchThemes is a leading, premium WordPress product development segment of TechInfini.  Constantly engaging in innovation and research, here we created numerous user friendly, ready to use WordPress products.

    What we offer:
    • Premium WordPress Themes.
    • Premium WordPress Plugins.
    We are here to connect the dots of our creativity and technology to create first sketch your business.
  • Test You


    TestYou aims to be a powerful examination tool for e-Learning and online education. Useful for schools, colleges, universities, teachers and professors for managing question papers and examinations.

    What we offer:
    • For Examiners – Your Online Exam Partner.
    • For Students – Your Preparation Evaluator.
    Powerful & Easy to Use, Your Online Exam Partner – TestYou
  • ContriCenter


    Contricenter is a very easy to use app. It helps you to keep track of your expenses among your friends and saves you from that awkward feeling on asking them to settle the bills.

    What we offer:
    • Share expenditure with friends.
    • Keeps track of your expenses.
    Keeps track of overall expenses with your friend. Its very easy to use.