Life @Techinifini

Making of A Wonderful Work Place

Agreed, working at any tech company appears to be grueling at times, but hold on! At TechInfini, workmanship blossoms into a healthy atmosphere and the employees are high with the spirit of growth and energy. The vibrancy catches the mood right from the walls of the TechInfini office to the voice of each of its employees. TechInfini is easily one of the coolest places to work right now. We also ensure our every member keeps good health and remain hale and hearty. The employees have their me space and liberty to work on their own terms. The employees of TechInfini are socially bonded and carry out their yearly celebration together. TechInfini is like a family that gradually growing in members and new clientele. TechInfini hosts birthday party for itself and employees are the ones that receive gifts.

Lively Moments at TechInfini

  • Cool and calm workplace

  • Training and Mentorship

  • Personal views on assignments

  • Free to schedule timings

  • Liberal working hours

  • Space for creativity

  • Effective Work-life Balance

  • Round the year social events

  • Maximum interactive sessions

  • Special Festive Benefits

  • Sapan Gupta
    I have been working with TechInfini for last 9 years, no wonder to state that it has become my second home. Here we have talent pool, exploring their inner self and becoming great leaders and visionaries of the future. I am proud to be part of the TechInfini team.
    Sapan Gupta
    Project Manager
  • Shubham Kale
    I started my career with TechInfini as Trainee and now i am working as Associate Software Engineer. I never felt as an outsider, here we have a very friendly environment. Seniors guided me from time to time to enhance my skill sets for future growth. I would recommend all to join techInfini.
    Shubham Kale
    Associate Software Engineer
  • Sateesh Raghuwanshi
    It is my 3rd company and got the opportunity to work with such a great team, very much passionate towards the achieving the set target and ready to accept challenges. While working with TechInfini, I have achieved balance in my professional and personal life.
    Sateesh Raghuwanshi
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Rahul Yadav
    No better joy than working with TechInfini, from past these years company has grown alot. You can walk up to the Management and discuss things in respective of the project work. In TechInfini, Management have always worked for the benefits of their employees which is remarkable, as no other company does for their employees. Feel great to be part of TechInfini....
    Rahul Yadav
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Ishan Soni
    My working experience with TechInfini is simply amazing. The work culture of here is really friendly and you don't even actually feel that you are working. We always Work with Fun. I've learned many new things which helped me to gain proficient knowledge.
    Ishan Soni
    Content Writer
  • Gaurav Jain
    I am working with TechInfini for more than 2 years and the exposure to technologies I have got is amazing and really helped me to boost up my knowledge base. It's a really cool place to work and learn from the seniors. We are not a TechInfini employee, we are TechInfini Family.
    Gaurav Jain
    Software Engineer
  • Gunjan Kanungoo
    I am working with TechInfini for more than 5 years and it's always been a pleasure to work at a place where you actually enjoy working with full enthusiasm. TechInfini is an amazing company which focuses on innovations and fast & robust services for all.
    Gunjan Kanungoo
    Senior Software Engineer
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    You feel that you are the best in the world and stand any where where you think
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