Open Source Development

Open Source Development

Opening Bigger Markets…

Our team of individuals at TechInfini Solutions has varied experience in customizing Open source systems to suit them for your business needs. We can customize the open source system according to your business needs and provide you with flexible applications.

Understanding Open Source

Open source is an approach to the design, development and distribution of software(s), offering practical accessibility to software’s source codes. Some consider open source as one of various possible design approaches, while others consider it a critical strategic element of their operations. Before open source became widely adopted, developers and producers used a variety of phrases to describe the concept; the term open source gained popularity with the rise of the Internet, which provided access to diverse production models, communication paths, and interactive communities.

Open Source Applications

Packed with the tons of expertise and experience in working with Open source CMS systems, ecommerce systems, CRM based systems we provide a tailor made solutions to varying needs of different enterprises. We have exhaustive experience in following CMS.